Find all types of API, including HTTP, RESTful, GraphQL, SOAP, XML-RPC and gRPC. Discover legacy and rogue APIs not managed by an API gateway and catalog API data and metadata.

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Discover all your APIs and build your inventory

Find and inventory all types of API, including HTTP, RESTful, GraphQL, SOAP, XML-RPC, JSON-RPC, and gRPC. Discover old and rogue APIs not managed by an API gateway, and catalog data type classifications for all APIs.

Detect API threats and prevent attacks

API security risks and issues are not all discovered in source code alone. Monitor traffic in real time using AI and ML-based detection to uncover data leaks, data tampering, data policy violations, suspicious behavior, and API security attacks.

Test API security before production

Most applications have security tests before they go into production. Most APIs do not. Increase API security assurance with greater speed, efficiency, and scale with integrated API-specific tests for CI/CD pipelines.


Vulnerability Detection

Our platform analyzes the widest possible set of sources to detect vulnerabilities, including log files, historical traffic replays, configuration files, and muVulnerability Detection and more. The platform detects all the vulnerabilities in the OWASP API Security Top 10.

Protection of sensitive data

Our data classification capabilities provide visibility into the types of data that pass through your APIs. Quickly identify how many APIs are able to access credit card data, phone numbers, SSNs, and other sensitive data.

Monitoring APIs

API inventory is more than just the number. Gain visibility into where the API passes, when the API was last updated, the type of data accessed, and the number of users accessing the API.

Complete and Proactive API Security Platform


The Noname API Security Platform is built around 3 fundamental pillars of functionality, and is designed to identify gaps in your security posture, protect your API state, or real-time environment, and ensure that all new additions or changes to your applications are safe and secure. Let’s explore each one in more detail:


Stop vulnerabilities before production and innovate quickly

Noname Security Active Testing is an API security testing solution that understands your unique business logic and provides comprehensive coverage of API-specific vulnerabilities. API security testing helps strengthen security at every stage of development.


Noname reveals all APIs in your entire environment, including rogue and shadow APIs

Traditional application security controls offer only partial protection for APIs. The reality is that organizations must address security across the API ecosystem, from code to production.


Prevent attacks in real time

Use automatic AI and ML detection to identify API vulnerabilities, violating data policies, suspicious behavior, and API security attacks. Noname Security Runtime provides real-time visibility into how your APIs behave, whether there is sensitive data exposed or vulnerable to attack.

The Noname API Security Platform addresses the growing complexity and security concerns of API deployments. Their methodology eliminates API security threats and accelerates API velocity without introducing more complexity or risk.

David Dean

CEO, Noname

The Noname 3.0 API Security Platform enables users to identify problems in different regions

At the RSA Conference 2022, Noname Security announced version 3.0 of its API Security Platform to empower AppSec teams with flexible API security. The platform provides API security that adheres to any environment, market, or regulatory requirement.

According to The 2022 API Security Trends report by 451 Research, the number of APIs in use among survey respondents has increased by 201% over a 12-month period. In addition, 41% of the organizations represented by the survey respondents suffered an API security incident in the last 12 months; and 63% of the organizations noted that the incident involved a breach or loss of data.

Noname Security’s Remote Engine is a game changer when it comes to API security. Our partners’ customers have to operate in a multitude of cloud environments across Asia and have to keep sensitive data, such as PII data, within each cloud environment to comply with international and local regulatory requirements. Noname allows them to do this without compromising performance or complicating the management of multiple environments.

Jeremy Woo

Founder and CEO, AZ Asia-Pacific

Additional key features of the Noname API Security Platform 3.0 include:

  • API-first – Every Noname action is available via API, allowing it to be fully integrated into existing processes and optimize workflows.
  • Discovery – Thousands of APIs can be discovered, analyzed, and categorized in seconds with prioritization of serious issues.
  • Multi-environment coverage – Real-time discovery and remediation of API risks, regardless of cloud, location(s), or number of APIs.
  • High-performance user interface (UI) – The updated UI is extremely fast and responsive, allowing users to immediately dive into details, customize views, and quickly export details.
  • Grouping – Automatic or customized grouping of APIs based on the application, business unit, functional capabilities, or any other characteristic to optimize efficiency.
  • Automation – Automate remediation through integration with ITSM tools to reduce exposure and administrative overhead.
  • Standard syslog export – Export to any SIEM(s) or SOAR application to provide global visibility on security threats.
  • Optimized AWS load balancer logging – Engineering accelerates posture analysis and management.
  • Enterprise controls – Precisely control access with flexible role-based access, inspect every action with the audit log, and create and enforce custom DLP and other policies with the policy engine.

The Noname API Security Platform is the only solution that covers the entire scope of API security through three pillars – API Posture Management, API Runtime Security and API Security Testing. It increases the effectiveness of the security team by arming them with the easiest, fastest and most flexible tool for securing their APIs. With the platform, security teams can conduct in-depth investigations into potential attacks and vulnerabilities, remediate these issues based on actionable intelligence, and optimize processes every step of the way.

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